Group 1 Members:

INSTRUCTIONS: This is where your group will record the decisions that you make. Fill in the table below as you finalize your topic, theme statement, and evidence. Below that, provide links to the technology-based resources you choose and/or create for the Samsa family. Make sure you save this page frequently and write your name next to your work so you can receive credit for your contributions! Use the discussion tab on the top right of this page to communicate with each other. And as always, don't hesitate to ask me questions!

MAKE SURE you return to the main assignment page for specific requirements, details, and resources!

Part One: Theme (4 days to complete)
Type in your theme statement.

SUPPORT FOR THEME STATEMENT (Enter a minimum of 2 examples for each student in the group.)
Your Name
Example/Quotation from Text (with page #)
Explanation - how does the example support your interpretation of theme?

Part 2: Resources (4 days to complete)
RESOURCES FOR THE SAMSAS: Add a link to your Diigo list in the space below; don't forget to include a description of each resource and annotations that will make clear why you chose the resource.

Part 3: Reflection (2 days to complete)
PERSONAL REFLECTION: Write your reflection in the table below, and don't forget to put your name next to your work.
REFLECTION - What have you learned from The Metamorphosis that is relevant to modern life? What did you like or dislike about collaborating on the wikispace? What did you learn about how technology can help individuals and families in times of trouble? How can technology help you in your life?