The Metamorphosis - A Resource Kit for the Samsas

English 12 - Ms. Kennedy

For this assignment you will work in groups to discuss themes in the novella, write a statement to articulate your understanding of one of the themes, and support your interpretation with textual evidence. You will also create a list of digital resources that could help the Samsa family if they were alive today.

Group Page (Sample)
Group 2 Page
Group 3 Page
Group 4 Page

Some important information about how to use this Wikispace:
  1. Be sure to read and explore everything on this page, and return to it if you get stuck or confused.
  2. Each group has its own space to work in. Click on the link to your group below. This is where you will post your final product AND where you will discuss and make decisions about what you include. Be sure to participate actively so I know you are working with your teammates.

Assignment Overview:
Watch **this video** for the basics of the assignment.
(Please note: if you are using the Firefox browser, you may not be able to see the Screencast, as Firefox seems to be experience some problem with the Java applet. One solution: open the Screencast in a different browser.)
The assignment has 3 parts. You will:
  1. Write a theme statement and provide support from the text.
  2. Create a Diigo list of resources to help the Samsa family.
  3. Write an individual reflection in which you explain what you have learned during the process of reading and discussing the novella.

Rubric available here.


Theme Statements:
Questions to answer: What is a theme statement? How can you turn one of the issues/topics we brainstormed yesterday into a theme statement?

Diigo List of Theme Statement Resources

- this is the list we brainstormed in class.

Diigo Help
Forget how to annotate & highlight using Diigo? Watch this tutorial or this one.